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Please read through the full page before sending a post

The Wisdom Room is a place for everyone, where people can come together to share their own personal wisdom and how they apply that to their everyday  lives.If you read my daily wisdom on Facebook or Twitter, and strive to live with purpose, passion, joy, and mindfulness, I would love to hear from you.So long as your post hasn’t already been previously published anywhere else online, I would be happy to consider it for publication on my guest blog.



Why Contribute to The Wisdom Room?

As well as being featured on my Guest Blog pages – your post will also be showcased on the homepage of the Wisdom Room, appear on the Wisdom Room social media pages and be sent out to all my subscribers on my distribution list – so it will receive broad exposure.

Many contributors find that featuring their writing on The Wisdom Room Guest Blog helps widen their audience and drive new traffic to their own blog. Every post also includes a biog with links back to your site. (If you have one!)

Writing Guidelines:

Please keep your post between 800-1,500 words.

Please submit a post that will stand alone and make sense to the reader as a one-off  piece of writing. It is often best to focus on a particular idea or topic to build a clear message offering  practical information that will help readers address similar challenges.

It often helps  to share a  story from your life to illustrate your point. The Wisdom Room is all about personal stories, as these are often more powerful than straight advice. Please avoid just submitting a list of tips.

Please chose a topic related to personal growth or self care that isn’t gender-specific or related to religion. I look for posts that deal with broad, universal themes that will be relevant to the majority of readers.

Please send original,  authentic work that has not before been published anywhere before (including your own blog), and does not include any content taken from elsewhere online.

Please reserve self promotion to your biog (as opposed to marketing a business, course, workshop, or service directly in the post). Please note that links within the post may deleted.

How to Submit:

  • Please email your original post in Microsoft Word (plain text, not html) to , keeping paragraphs to three sentences or less.
  • Please include a biog, sixty words or less, at the bottom of the post and a headshot  (if you’d like a photo of you to appear next to your biog.)
  • Apologies, if it takes a little while responding. I am often very busy and it may take a couple of weeks for me to respond.
  • Please note  I may send your post back with questions/comments to expand in parts or edit it/change the title before publishing on the site.
  • Looking forward to reading your submission. Happy writing.


Jane x

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