Hypnosis to help with Exam Nerves

Imagine feeling calm, confident and clear-headed in testing situations…

Exams and tests can certainly be challenging, can’t they? You might spend an age learning something and then all that effort boils down to just one day. You’ve prepared as much as you can. You know you have the required information but the thought of applying it still fills you with dread.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your A’Levels, your Finals at University or your driving test. Anxiety and nervousness can affect even the cleverest among us and adversely affect performance on the day.


We all realise that there is no substitute for studying hard to ensure that the information has been filed away in the memory. But pre-exam nerves can even get in the way of revision by stopping you from concentrating and absorbing information.

We can all identify with the difficulties of studying for an exam, not to mention the sweaty palms, butterflies in the stomach and racing heartbeat. But for most of us, these kind of exam nerves actually help motivate us and focus our minds. We understand that a bit of adrenalin is no bad thing but for some of us that fear gets out of control and this is when it becomes problematic.

Exam nerves can become so intense, that they lead to anxiety attacks, loss of appetite, insomnia or even drug abuse. For some of us, exams mean acute stress, under-achievement and disappointment. Unchecked this kind of trauma can have a big impact on our unconscious mind, leading to more general, longer term performance based anxiety issues.

This is where the Wisdom Room might be of service. Hypnotherapy and NLP can be used to help you to concentrate better when you study, to focus more intently on the material, in order to enhance the retention of that information and help you relax before the final hurdle of the examination or testitself.

In this way you can remain calm and clear-headed under the pressure of exam conditions. Being in this poised, confident state then facilitates information recall, replaces anxiety with self-belief, and thereby improves your ability to perform at your optimal level. It can also address wider anxiety based issues that might be connected to this issue.


For more information, why not contact The Wisdom Room: Tel: 07837 797384, email info@wisdomroom.co.uk or complete our quick Online Enquiry Form

Don’t be afraid to take the first step. Remember that facing your fear and making a change is the beginning of the path to wisdom and we are here to give you a helping hand.






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