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Jane Eggleton
Location: Chiswick, West London, W4

Tel: 07837 797384

A-Z of Treatments

How Hypnotherapy Can Help Unlock Your Potential…

Unlike much traditional therapy which often goes on long archaeological digs into a client’s past, here at the Wisdom Room, we are far more solution focused and keen on getting you to the bright future you deserve. If needs be, we will take you back to heal past traumas but we won’t keep you there for any longer than necessary.

The Key To Success

We know, as the client, you hold the key and our role as the therapist is simply to help you unlock the door to your true potential and lead you to the threshold of your mind and new possibilities.

“Integrated Mind Therapy” using Hypnosis can help in almost any situation if you have the desire to change. Consequently, the list of issues is too long and varied to list in its entirety but certainly includes:



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