Hypnosis to help with Pain Control / Pain Management

Imagine feeling calm, relaxed and pain free…

It’s important to understand that pain is a warning signal and therefore should not be ignored. It’s the body’s way of communicating to us that something is wrong and appropriate medical advice should, of course, always be sought whenever severe pain is felt in the body. Once you have received the right medical treatment however, alternative pain relief can often be very effective and it has been well documented that hypnotherapy, in particular, can be an effective tool in the management of pain and pain perception.

People suffering from acute or chronic pain can get substantial pain relief from hypnotherapy and it can successfully be used in the treatment of all kinds of conditions, including headaches, migraines and irritable bowel syndrome. It can also help people going through surgical procedures, childbirth or even cancer.


Pain control or pain management is essentially about changing the way we perceive pain. Physical pain is only the interpretation of the sensations of touch, pressure, temperature and disturbance in our bodies and since our unconscious mind created this pain signal, it can, of course, change it too. A person is therefore capable of using their mind to change their perception of the discomfort and this is where hypnotherapy can really help.

Whether it is a painful emotional situation or a painful physical state, we tend to realise our expectation of that pain (based largely on our past experiences) so pain is relative to each of us as individuals. Psychological factors play a major role in the way an individual will tolerate, describe and cope with pain. How we perceive or interpret the pain. How much we fear pain. How tense or anxious we are. How low our mood is and how the past has influenced us can all have an impact.

The fact that pain levels can be altered through hypnosis does not indicate that the person’s suffering is psychogenic though. Instead, it indicates that our experience of our bodies can be changed.Since the unconscious mind is responsible  for maintaining the body in good health and for all the autonomic processes including breathing, blood circulation and the healing process. Here at the Wisdom Room we understand that it makes sense to use hypnotherapy to talk directly to the subconscious to help you manage the pain. As a result you should be left feeling physically more relaxed, emotionally calmer and your pain levels should be reduced.


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Don’t be afraid to take the first step. Remember that facing your fear and making a change is the beginning of the path to wisdom and we are here to give you a helping hand.


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