Hypnosis to help with Public Speaking

Imagine feeling calm, confident and in control when you next have to speak in public…

There’s nothing worse than knowing you have prepared well for a speech or a presentation and then seeing your best efforts go to waste because you have become overwhelmed by nerves.

Feeling nervous is a natural emotion and when kept in perspective can actually help to motivate us and focus our minds. However, when these feelings become too intense they can threaten our performance, make us extremely anxious and even cause us to underachieve.



We all realise that there is no substitute for working hard to ensure that we have prepared as best we can for a forthcoming public speaking engagement. But anxiety and nervousness can affect even the brightest among us and adversely affect performance on the day.

We can all identify with the challenges of preparing for a speech or presentation, not to mention the dry mouth, butterflies in the stomach and racing heartbeat. We understand that a bit of adrenalin is no bad thing but for some of us that fear gets out of control and this is when it becomes problematic.

Interview nerves can become so intense, that they lead to anxiety attacks, loss of appetite or even insomnia and unchecked this kind of worry can have a big impact on our unconscious mind, leading to more general, longer term performance based anxiety issues.

If we constantly reconfirm this negative perception of our self it can create a barrier to success because our thoughts influence our behaviour and if we think we are likely to fail then we probably will. Of course the reverse also holds true. Feeling calm, relaxed, focused and confident when preparing for a speech or a presentation means you will be much more likely to achieve your full potential and this is where the Wisdom Room can help.

Integrated Mind Therapy can help to create a more positive perception of your own abilities, and allow you to release any self-limiting thought patterns that no longer serve you. It can also help you to relax and increase your confidence and self-esteem which when combined can have a tremendous impact on the way you think and therefore the way that you feel and behave.

Here at the Wisdom Room, we use a combination of Integrated Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help you to change your behaviour and achieve your goals. By simultaneously retraining both the conscious and unconscious parts of your mind you should be left feeling physically more relaxed, mentally calmer and altogether more confident about speaking in public.


For more information, why not contact The Wisdom Room: Tel: 07837 797384, email info@wisdomroom.co.uk or complete our quick Online Enquiry Form

Don’t be afraid to take the first step. Remember that facing your fear and making a change is the beginning of the path to wisdom and we are here to give you a helping hand.


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