De-clutter your space

It’s difficult to focus on the important things in life when your environment is a mess. So if you’ve got a wardrobe full of clothes that need to go to charity; a stack of old files on your desk, or a growing collection of unwanted items accumulating dust in your loft. Make a pack to start clearing them out this week. It’s easy to get bogged down by physical and emotional clutter and the two often go hand in hand.

Simplify Step: Take note of all the clutter that drains your energy and distracts you from other tasks. Ask yourself what could I give away? What needs to be thrown away? And what am I holding on to that no longer serves me?

Allow yourself to be still

We all live such busy lives and are on the go so much of the time that we often feel unable to stop. All too often we are so focused on the next activity in life. Where do we need to be? Who do we need to see? What have we still got to do – that we forget to sometimes just breathe and allow ourselves to simply be. The truth is the only real thing is the ‘here and now’. Becoming mindful of the present moment will allow you to restore balance and feel instantly calmer and more relaxed.              

Simplify Step: Allow yourself 10 minutes every day to just be still and not do anything. Enjoy the peace and allow your batteries to recharge.

Learn to delegate

As women we often become expert multi-taskers, often juggling careers, children and family life. So it’s easy to slip into that habit of thinking if you want a job done – you should do it yourself. The truth is, however, we don’t have to do everything as solo crusaders. If you need some support then it’s OK to ask for it. Identify if there are any areas of your life where you feel you could do with some help and don’t be afraid to delegate.

Simplify Step: Find one thing in your life that you could perhaps ask a work colleague, a partner or a loved to assist you with in some way and let them know how much you would really value their support.

Take small, simple steps

Often when things get rather hectic, life can seem complex and overwhelming, which can immobilise even the most enthusiastic among us. If you are finding it hard to cope or fearful of everything on your plate, then break it down into smaller achievable chunks. Starting somewhere is better than not starting at all. This way you can accomplish a little bit every day which will help you get nearer you end goal.

Simplify Step: Take one small action step today in the direction of a much larger life goal and notice how much better you feel afterwards.

Limit your media intake

In this day and age probably the most distractions we get, if we are honest, are from our friendly media devices. Although it may not be practical to turn off your mobile or computer – you can definitely limit the amount of time you spend on these devices everyday to avoid information overload. Just because you have a work mobile doesn’t mean you have to be checking the screen 24/7.

Simplify Step: Allow yourself some time every day when you don’t look at your phone or online media and find ways of unsubscribing to mailing lists to reduce the email in your inbox.

Start your day well

Make a conscious effort every morning to spend some time thinking about what is good in your life and what you are looking forward to that day. Do something that is calming and peaceful. That might be having a quiet cup of tea with a book, a walk with the dog or some gentle meditation – whatever works well for you. Starting the day in a more positive light can put you in the right frame of mind from the offset.

Simplify Step: When you rise, do something that is calming and peaceful. It can be 10 minutes or an hour, it doesn’t matter. Allow this to be your own personal distraction free time.

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