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Appointments can be booked by phone or email. For a free phone consultation with Jane or to book a session please fill out the Information Form. Alternatively, please email or leave a message on 07837 797384. Don’t be afraid to take the first step. Sessions are scheduled to suit your needs, subject to availability. Evening and weekend appointments are also available.

Online or In Person?

Because Wisdom Room has clients all over the country as well as overseas, we tend to work remotely and conduct sessions online (via Zoom / WhatsApp etc) rather than in person. (However, if you are local and want to meet in person that is an option too.) Following your processed payment I will send you a receipt and confirmation of our appointment. Please be ready to meet at the agreed time for a session.  Any further required sessions can then be scheduled at the end of your appointment.

Do Remote Sessions Work?

I can assure you that remote work can be just as effective and, of course, has the added bonus that you don’t even have to move from the comfort of your own couch! The format of a Zoom session is exactly the same as a ‘face to face’ appointment and clients soon say that they forget that we’re not in the same room. Please click here for more info on my Online Sessions

Phone Consultations

I am also available for phone consultations. I am happy to also use Whatsapp phone or video conferencing which enables the calls to be free for both parties (or landline or mobile networks as agreed.)


The work we do together is completely confidential. All sessions online and offline are private and no Zoom conversations are recorded by Wisom Room without permission. All client records are locked and password-protected. The Wisdom Room ensures that all information is kept safe and protected. No details of any client session will be disclosed to a third party without the express written consent of the client. As a member of the Hypnotherapy Association, I abide by their strict Code of Ethics.

Emergency Contact

Please note that before 1-2-1 appointments, you may also be asked to complete a client form and supply an emergency contact number. Wisdom Room reserves the right to use your Emergency Contact if we believe you are in danger or at any risk. This is covered by the code of ethical guidelines for therapists as set by our governing bodies and focuses on keeping you as the client and others safe from harm.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends entirely on the number of issues you wish to deal with and the depth of understanding you wish to reach. Generally speaking most presenting cases only need 1-3 sessions which is far less than many other types of therapy which can often see clients in treatment for years. Although more complex issues may require further sessions.  You are in control and can book appointments as you feel necessary. The Wisdom Room aim is simply to see you regain your sense of well-being as quickly and safely as possible in a sustainable, independent manner.

Safe Listening Space

Please find a safe, warm, space (where you will be undisturbed) to conduct any one-on-one online zoom sessions or to listen to any downloadable MP3 recordings. Please do not listen to hypnosis MP3s or conduct an online session when you are driving, working or doing any activity that requires your full attention. Being prepared is an important part of therapy. Your sessions are important and so is your time. It is your responsibility to ensure your environment is safe and you have notified any relevant parties.

Appointment Aftercare

It is also important to give yourself enough time and headspace after our work, to process what you have absorbed. Therapy uses energy and can bring up many emotions. Ensuring you have some time after a session to reflect and relax is also healthy self-care. Try to make sure you do not have to rush off to another engagement straight after, or have a big boozy night planned! Hypnotherapy can sometimes leave you feeling a little lightheaded so  having a glass of water and doing something relaxing and grounding for 5 – 10 mins can help.

Health Conditions

Although clients with depression and anxiety disorders can use hypnotherapy. The use of hypnosis is not advisable for patients with serious personality disorders, psychosis or epilepsy. If you have a serious mental health disorder or any other underlying (or undiagnosed) physical or mental health condition, or are taking any medication, please disclose before the start of the session. If you have any concerns though, please note that it is your responsibility to seek medical advice first.

Conduct in Sessions

The Wisdom Room® works with all clients in a professional manner and so politely asks that you do not attend therapy sessions under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Or smoke during the sessions. The Wisdom Room reserves the right to contact your Emergency contact if we believe you are in danger or at risk.

Bee Happy Charity Pledge

How your purchase HELPS 

I pledge that for every new client £5 will go towards charity. I support the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, WaterAid, AgeConcern and the Mental Health Charity Mind.

Payment Terms

When booking an online appointment, payment is requested before your session. Only then will you be sent an online link to your appointment. Normally, you will be emailed an invoice and asked to make a secure online payment by debit or credit card, in advance of your session. Please enquire about current Special Offers. There may be discounts available if you pay for several sessions in advance.

Free Consultation

An initial phone consultation is free of charge. It’s an opportunity for us to talk informally, for you to ask all the questions you would like and for me to assess whether I might be able to help before you book an appointment.  Occasionally, I might refer clients at this stage to other practitioners who I think may be a better fit for a specific issue.

Prices Explained

As well as the time spent with you during the session (as detailed above) behind the scenes, time is also spent preparing and writing up notes from your session. Where relevant, you may also be sent follow-up Wisdom Worksheets or reading materials. So you can rest assured you really do get value for money!

Can you guarantee success?

I have a high success rate for clients and hundreds of people, from all walks of life, have been helped by the Wisdom Room Services. While nothing in life is guaranteed and it would not be professional of any therapist to offer a 100% guarantee. You can rest assured that I can promise to bring all my skills, knowledge, experience and ongoing training to help you find lasting relief. You need to agree to therapy support though because you care about yourself and want to make the change rather than being pressurised into it by someone else. Imagine it as a gift from yourself to yourself.

Technical Difficulties

If technical difficulties are experienced, for example computer or internet breakdown we will undertake to contact each other via phone, email or text (SMS) message so that an alternative format can be established or the session can be rescheduled at another time. No charge is made for such instances and the client will receive the full time allotment for their appointment.

Cancellation Policy

If for some reason you can’t make your appointment, please give as much advance warning as possible (by either email, phone or SMS) to allow someone else to have your slot. Please note a 50% cancellation charge may be levied on sessions cancelled under 12 hours of the scheduled appointment time and payment is expected in full if a client misses an appointment without any notification.

If you are late attending an online session, Wisdom Room will stay online for 15 minutes to allow for delays, but if you do not make contact within this time it will then be presumed missed or forgotten and then cancelled. You will be charged the full session fee for this.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you require any further information about any of the specific treatment techniques I use. Please click here for my Treatment FAQ page.


Hypnotic MP3 recordings can also be supplied upon request at an additional charge.

Introduce a Friend Scheme

If you’ve enjoyed your session and think you might know someone who could also benefit from our services. Why not introduce a friend and both get £10 off your next appointment?


Concessions are available for students or those suffering financial hardship, please contact me via email to discuss your circumstances.

Why Come and See Me? 





“Jane is intuitive, warm, passionate and a truly gifted healer. Our work together has helped me uncover some profound insights and I love our sessions, which are fun as well as helpful. Thank you, Jane.”

Hollie Holden – Spiritual Teacher

“ Your work with me really does change things... I know that those lions that turn up aren't really there. Thanks for being the best lion tamer in the world.”

Guy – Musician, London

“Going to see Jane was the best decision I have made in a long time. Not only did she help me identify issues that I was not even aware of but she gave me tools and tricks to help me overcome them.”

Helen, Senior Coach and Leader, London

"I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart! My dive was amazing! For the first time I wasn't anxious. You will definitely see me again!"

Kristinia Micakova, London

“Jane has consistently offered me warmth, empathy and encouragement the whole way, never judging me. She has supported and helped me through a crisis that other therapists hadn’t been able to help me with.”

Alison C, Wales

“Jane takes an incredibly thorough and personal approach to her treatment – chatting in advance to discuss issues and desired goals, helping fine tune and plan the most effective course of treatment.”

John, London

“I just wanted to say what a huge difference Jane has made in the way I think and feel. I have struggled with procrastination and fear for many years and Jane has guided me to overcome this."

Jai, London

“Jane has set up a space for the sessions that creates an environment that is welcoming, warm and peaceful.”

Alex W, Chiswick, London

“She has this wonderful gift of pin pointing crucial aspects in your life, things that I had not even considered. I have taken giant steps to lead my life in the direction I would like it to go.”

Catherine, Oxford

“Jane's sessions have indisputably made a huge difference to my mental outlook and enabled me to live a fuller, more enjoyable life. “

Gary, Bristol

"I can’t even begin to say how much my sessions have helped me, they have truly enabled me to change my life.”

Helen, London

“I have now lost half a stone without difficulty and I feel free from the pressures of food and dieting – I now enjoy my food but don’t overeat and only eat when I’m hungry, it has literally changed my life.”

Claire, London

“Inwardly the fear/anxiety has diminished. If you are thinking about taking leap you won’t be disappointed if you see Jane. Happy Adventures.”

Catherine, Oxford

“I would like to thank Jane for her time, care and support in guiding me through my journey. I feel very positive about the process and feel that changes are occurring as a direct result of this treatment.”

Virginia, Clevedon

"From my own experience, hypnotherapy has proven to be a fast acting and highly effective method of treatment and I would readily recommend Jane's services - the results have spoken for themselves.”

Jon, Westminster

“The thing that is unique about Jane is her ability to make you feel at ease before the sessions. She really listens and this means that during hypnotherapy you are reassured that she has your best interests at heart.”

Lorna, Wanstead, London

“I would not hesitate to recommend Jane to anyone who would be interested in exploring this therapy and would with confidence give my full support to her professional, empathetic and caring practice.”

Isolde, Ham

“I have suffered from anxiety and self-esteem issues since I was a child, and Jane was astute in identifying both the nature of my problems and appropriate treatments.”

Gary, Bristol

“I found the sessions soothing, encouraging and afterwards felt a sustained sense of invigoration and motivation. With Jane’s hypnotherapy and support my fears over quitting smoking were quickly allayed.”

Germaine B, London

“Her passion for hypnotherapy and its many benefits is apparent from the moment of meeting Jane.”

Lorna, Wanstead, London

“Thank you Jane, you’re truly an inspiration and I am sure you will continue to make a positive difference in peoples lives!”

Jaishree, TW7

“Jane equipped me with various techniques to maintain this mind-set long-term which I’ve used in the weeks following to great effect, enabling me take positive strides in both my career and personal life.”

Lorna, London

“Jane has really helped me to get rid of many bad thoughts about driving, not only now I can drive after four years in a normal car but she has helped me to start re-thinking my approach to life.”

Vanessa, Ealing

“I was surprised at how instantly I noticed a change in my attitude and mind-set – leaving me with an increased sense of focus, positivity and clarity.”

Lorna, London


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