What is the last thing you fill your mind with before going to bed and the first thing you begin your day with in the morning?

This time is very critical, as it will determine what your subconscious brain focuses on during sleep and what sets your mood for the day.

Watching TV or working on your laptop until late into the night is going to get your mind buzzing.  Not only because it can stimulate your brain but also because the LED screens now on most computers, flat-screen TVs and smartphones etc emit blue light and this can interfere with your sleep too.

Equally though, jumping out of bed, worrying about the day ahead, downing a coffee and immediately reading or hearing about the problems of the world may not lead to a great frame of mind either!

Often we can start the day on completely the wrong footing. We wake worrying about that work commitment, hear about a disaster on the news, read about a sad event in the paper and then we wonder why we are not feeling that great about the day ahead?

The trick is trying to develop good habits like focusing on the good things about the day you have just had or the day that is about to come OR reading something uplifting just before dozing off or upon awakening.

This may take a little getting used to but before you know it the neural pathways in your brain will start searching out for the positive options quite naturally and you can literally start re-wiring your head.

If you can develop some positive habits you will be reinforcing the positive changes you wish to experience and your whole day can change in an instant.

Your mind is very much like a very sophisticated computer really which processes whatever data you decide to upload.

In simple terms. If we put garbage in we will get garbage out! GIGO! However, if you increasingly input empowering statements and more upbeat thoughts you will naturally increase the presence of the good stuff coming out and notice a shift in your mood and hopefully then a shift in your experience of life.

Evening Exercise:

Why not take 5 minutes every evening to reflect on all of the good things that have happened today. Don’t focus on what you think didn’t go so well. Focus on what did go well and made you smile. Maybe even write them down in a gratitude diary.

OR Why not chose one of your favourite books as your bedside inspirational reading and allow yourself some positive input every night for the next week? Notice if you feel a little better waking the next morning.

Morning Exercise:

Why not take 5 minutes to visualise all the good things that you are going to achieve today? Don’t focus on what you are worried about. Focus on what you are excited about instead even if it’s going out for lunch or getting that report finished or meeting friends after work.

OR Why not listen to some upbeat cheerful music on the way to work or read your inspirational book instead of that paper! Put some good stuff in your head right from the get go and notice how today pans out and if there is any difference. I promise you if you develop these good habits – shifts will begin happening quite quickly – all for the better…