It’s easy to get bogged down by physical and emotional clutter and the two often go hand in hand. I know when I’m feeling slightly stressed, I tend to make piles. Piles of old books, piles of papers and piles of plates in the kitchen sink! It’s at times like this though that the best thing to do is to take stock and then take control by having a good old clear out.

It’s difficult to focus on the important things in life when your environment is a mess. So if your house is a tip and you’ve got a wardrobe full of clothes that need to go to charity; a stack of old files on your desk at work or a growing collection of unwanted items accumulating dust in your loft. Clear them out now. Don’t hesitate. Equip yourself with a big bin bag, the appropriate cleaning products and the right mental resolve and get rid of that festering pile today! Believe me you will feel so much better. If you haven’t looked at it, used it or worn it in over six months the likelihood is you don’t need it any longer anyway.

You don’t have to wait until spring to have a spring clean though. Any day is just fine and you can ask friends or family to help too if you need some support. My sister once told me that she avoids her wardrobe getting cluttered by giving away one item of clothing to charity every time she buys something new and she always looks just fabulous.

By clearing your personal space you’ll be amazed at how you can help clear your mind too which should make you feel lighter and brighter about things in general. Clutter drains your energy and distracts you from important tasks. It can also make you hold onto unwanted memories.

Old photos, mementoes and objects are all well and good but not if they remind you of times you’d rather forget. Ask yourself what are you holding onto that no longer serves you? And what could you let go of instead? You might just find that as well as creating some much needed space in your attic you also create some much needed space in your heart which could allow something or someone new in.

Material possessions are nice to have but memories are better. Remember when you leave this world (contrary to what some of the ancient Egyptians thought!) you won’t be taking any of your possessions with you. The important things in life are all stored safely inside you.

Your Challenge

This week, take note of all the clutter that drains your energy and distracts you from other tasks. Select one area of your house or your office to clean out each day: your kitchen drawers, your untidy desk, the boot of your car, the cupboard under stairs… whatever it is getting on your nerves.

Ask yourself what could I give away? What needs to be thrown away? And what am I holding on to that no longer serves me?

Ask your friends and family to help you with this cleansing process if you like and notice how good it feels to create an uncluttered, organised space. When you feel energised, excited and more at peace in yourself and the environment you know you have successfully completed your challenge physically and emotionally!

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