Today, I was lucky enough to be sitting on the slipway of my family’s beach house in Cornwall. The sun was shining, the sea was lapping on the shore and it seemed like a wonderful opportunity to try and do some work on my book.  But every time I sat down and attempted to put pen to paper, one of my gorgeous little nephews kept coming over and asking me to play.

They are only four and six and into all sorts of fun and mischief and had no concept whatsoever that Auntie Janie was trying to do some work. (Games today have included burying themselves in the sand and playing frisbee on the beach) and I have already been enjoying spending lots of time with them.  But I couldn’t help but smile, put my pen down and join them once again.

Why? Because children are such a wonderful reminder to live in the now. To be  present and enjoy what is going on right in this moment.

Yes I needed to get some more writing done but I also only have a few more precious days left with the tiddlers and I want to make the most of it because they are growing up so quickly.

The sun was shining, the sea was glistening and they were clasping their mini fishing nets so expectantly and just wanted to have fun.  And I wanted to have fun too. So I did and it felt great.

We trawled the rock pools near the beach and managed to fill a bucket with three tiny fish, two shrimps and a water snail and they were absolutely delighted with their final catch. As was I. The only thing eluding us was a crab! Next time I promised.

It was a great reminder that as we go about our daily lives we can all too easily overlook these little magical moments.

You know what it’s like. We are often searching so hard to find happiness and making plans for the future that we overlook the lovely opportunities presenting themselves to us right now – which is such a shame, of course, because the only real moment is this moment. Right now – the moment you are living this very second.  So why would we want to delay our happiness when we can chose happiness right in this instant?

The best thing we can do to maximise our good times is to really immerse ourselves in the now – looking at each day and seeing what beauty it holds and finding the magic in it.

Of course, I know I was extremely lucky today because I found myself in beautiful surroundings with loved ones  and could easily see that there was much to be grateful for but even if you are sitting at home by yourself feeling a  little glum – I bet there is something that can make you smile, if you look hard enough.

Making yourself a nice cup of tea, or steaming pot of coffee, drawing yourself a hot bath with bubbles or just enjoying some flowers in the garden, or breathing in the scent of fresh bed linen. Often it’s the really small day-to-day things that we overlook which are the things that can bring us the most joy if we can only come back to the present and appreciate them again with fresh eyes.

So don’t delay your happiness until the next big thing. Why not decide right now, here in this moment, to enjoy living in the now and notice how much better you feel as your head hits the pillow this evening. I think I will be dreaming of rock pools and fishing nets tonight… x