For some reason this little phrase keeps popping into my awareness at the moment. But what does it really mean? We tend to use it so flippantly to describe the smaller trivial things in life but actually it’s underlying foundations have much much more significant roots in our consciousness.

How often in life do we try to control things, to make things go a certain way and then get disappointed when things don’t turn out as we have so meticulously planned?… Quite often I’d wager.

We are so used to living in a world where we feel we need to exert control over everything around us that sometimes it’s easy to forget to simply trust, let go and just go with the flow. Trusting that the universes has got our back – even if outward appearances would seem to suggest otherwise.

While it’s good to have plans and dream. It’s not good to make them so inflexible, so immoveable that you feel like you have lost or failed in some way if they don’t come to pass. Sometimes we truly do need to let go of the way we think something should be and simply embrace the way it is…

We cannot force anything or anyone into our lives. People, places and things will always come to us at exactly the right time of their own free will. All we can do is express a desire to have a certain feeling, experience or relationship and then let go of the exact where, when, how and who.

If we try to manipulate, coerce, or force anything or anyone into our lives we will always be fighting against the tide and not going with the flow of life at all.

We know when we are in the flow because things happen to us in a gentle, effortless, unfolding way. The right people appear in our lives, the right job comes along and serendipitous events happen quite naturally and spontaneously. Life feels easier and less forced and we feel more in balance and aligned with our higher selves. Possibilities open up and life itself expands.

In stark contrast, when we are going against the flow it really feels like an uphill struggle because we are swimming against the tide and identifying more with our ego mind. From this head space we don’t see the bigger picture, we only see the very narrow idea of the individual perspective. We are so focused on our one end goal, that we may miss other wonderful opportunities that are being presented to us – offering us a delightful detour along the way.

If we are feeling fixed, inflexible or rigid we need to allow ourselves to let go and loosen up in every aspect both mentally, physically and emotionally.

Although, it may seem like only one outcome will ever be right – we need to allow ourselves some wiggle room. Allow ourselves some breathing space and allow ourselves to entertain the possibility that there might be something even better just waiting round the corner…


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