In all my 10 years working as therapist. Time and time again I see clients coming to me (whatever their issue or their background) with the same big THREE UNDERLYING BELIEFS which are holding them back. Even my celebrity clients. So, if you relate to any of these, please know you are in good company and not alone.

To be clear a belief is simply a reoccurring thought that we keep on thinking to ourselves. Positive beliefs can be helpful of course but limiting beliefs can block our happiness and prevent us from reaching our full potential.

So, what are these THREE BELIEF BLOCKS which are tying us all in ‘NOTS’ and keeping us small?

1. “I am not enough”

This is a big one which often underlies many issues. Sometimes we might have to insert another word in here too. Perhaps I am not ‘good’ enough, ‘clever’ enough, ‘rich’ enough, ‘attractive’ enough, ‘talented’ enough, ‘successful’ enough or ‘loveable’ enough. You get the gist. Ultimately, though the unconscious hears. ‘I AM NOT ENOUGH’ and it plays into all our internal anxieties and big lack and self-esteem issues.


2. “I am not where I should be”

Again, this might refer to various situations, relationships, work issues or general life goals. Time and time again, I hear people beating themselves up for not achieving things in strict self-imposed time frames. I am not where I should be in my career, in my relationship, in my finances, in my life. Ultimately, though the unconscious hears. ‘I AM NOT WHERE I SHOULD BE’ and it plays into all our ego expectations, self judgement, suffering and fear.


3. “I am not able to”

This is the third big belief we need to bust! Sometimes it’s more insidious but it’s very much there hovering in the background of our minds. Often, we tell ourselves. I am not able to… change, heal, grow, learn, create or get over something or move forward. Sometimes it comes in when we place the blame elsewhere too and disassociate responsibility. Ultimately, though the unconscious hears. ‘I AM NOT ABLE TO…’ and it plays into all our limiting beliefs, internal doubt and disempowering victimhood issues.

Here’s the good news. We can make one profound and instant change to all of these BELIEFS straight away with one simple change! We just need to take the ‘NOT’ out of each power statement. Why? Because all of these ‘NOTS’ really have been tying us in knots! So….


“I am not enough” becomes


“I am not where I should be” becomes


“I am not able to” becomes



And why might I do that I hear you ask. Let me explain…


You are enough. You are great just as you are. You don’t need to be perfect. You are unique. Perfectly imperfect and that is what makes you who you are. You are doing better then you think and not giving yourself enough credit for your achievements. As a baby you weren’t born with these doubts you simply learnt them along the way…

I understand this, because I spent much of my youth consumed by fear and doubt and not feeling ‘enough’ and some of the most successful people I know still feel this way but it doesn’t make it true.

So today, I’d like to remind you of what amazing qualities you do have and how truly valued you are by your friends, family and loved ones but most importantly by you! It’s time to ramp up those feelings of self-worth and self-compassion You deserve it. You are enough…


You are where you should be. Wherever you are in life right now is perfect for your unique experience and expansion. I know that may seem hard to accept, especially, if you are going through a challenging time. But please trust that everything is transient and happening as it should ‘for you’ not ‘to you’. The universe wants you to succeed (even if it doesn’t necessarily feel like that just now.)

I understand this, because I’ve been through that dark night of the soul where all my plans and dreams came crashing down and a totally new direction was presented to me which I resisted until I understood I had to get out my own way!

So today, I’d like to remind you that while it’s fine to have goals & aspirations sometimes it’s wise to understand that higher timelines and soul values may be different to our material goals and personal expectations. Maybe just maybe something bigger is playing out here. Trust the process. You are where you should be…



You are able to. You are a powerful conscious creator not a victim. While we might not always be able to change our external and environmental circumstances, we can always choose how to respond differently on this inside. We always have the ability to change, heal, grow, learn, create or respond to life situations in a new more positive, empowering, way.

I understand this, because I’m still challenged with my own internal glass ceilings and negative inner chatter like we all our in some area of our lives and continue to work on this.

But today, I’d like to remind you that you can improve anything in your life, from your relationships to your finances. Just by choosing a more possible thought. You are ready and able to change your perspective and release any old beliefs that kept you stuck. You notice that you trust and believe in yourself more easily. You are able to do this and so much more…


I’d love to know if any of these resonate with you or do contact me directly if you would like to hear about my longer online programmes or personalized one-on-one sessions. Please drop me a heart if you like this. BIG LOVE.

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