Do you get interview anxiety? Are you worried about a forthcoming interview? Find out how Integrative Therapy & Hypnosis for Interviews at the Wisdom Room can help you feel strong, self-assured and in control…

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Everything  you need to know about HYPNOSIS FOR INTERVIEWS:

On this page, you will learn everything  you need to know about HYPNOSIS FOR INTERVIEWS including: –

FAQs About Hypnotherapy For Interviews


Imagine feeling calm, confident and relaxed at your next interview… 

Do you suffer from Interview Anxiety?

There’s nothing worse than knowing you have prepared well for an interview and then seeing your best efforts go to waste because you have become overwhelmed by nerves.

Feeling nervous is a natural emotion for most people and when kept in perspective, these feelings can actually help to motivate us and focus our minds. However, when these feelings become too intense they can threaten our performance, make us extremely anxious and even cause us to underachieve. We all realise that there is no substitute for working hard to ensure that we have prepared as best we can for a forthcoming interview. But anxiety and nervousness can affect even the smartest among us and adversely affect performance on the day.

When interview nerves get too much

We can all identify with the challenges of preparing for an interview, not to mention the sweaty palms, butterflies in the stomach and racing heartbeat. We understand that a bit of adrenalin is no bad thing but for some of us that fear gets out of control and this is when it becomes problematic.

Interview nerves can become so intense, that they lead to anxiety attacks, loss of appetite or even insomnia and unchecked this kind of worry can have a big impact on our unconscious mind, leading to more general, longer-term performance-based anxiety issues.

If we constantly reconfirm this negative perception of ourselves it can create a barrier to success because our thoughts influence our behaviour and if we think we are likely to fail then we probably will. Of course, the reverse also holds true. Feeling calm, relaxed, focused and confident when preparing for an interview means you will be much more likely to achieve your full potential and this is where the Wisdom Room can help.


Can Hypnosis help with Interviews?

YES! Hypnosis can potentially help with interviews by reducing anxiety, boosting confidence, and enhancing mental preparedness. Here’s how Hypnosis for Interviews may be beneficial for interview performance:

1. Anxiety Reduction: Hypnotherapy induces a state of deep relaxation, which can help reduce anxiety and nervousness often associated with interviews.

2. Confidence Building: During hypnotherapy sessions, positive suggestions and affirmations can be used to enhance self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-assuredness.

3. Visualization Techniques: Hypnosis for Interviews can help individuals visualize themselves performing well in the interview, increasing their self-belief and motivation.

4. Overcoming Fears and Phobias: If an individual has specific fears or phobias related to interviews (e.g., fear of public speaking or social anxiety), hypnotherapy can address and help overcome these issues.

5. Mindset Adjustment: Hypnotherapy can help individuals adjust their mindset to focus on their strengths and positive attributes, allowing them to present themselves more effectively during interviews.

6. Stress Management: Hypnosis for Interviews can teach individuals relaxation and stress management techniques to remain calm under pressure during interviews.

7. Cognitive Reframing: Hypnotherapy can address negative thought patterns and beliefs about interviews, replacing them with more positive and constructive perspectives.

8. Enhancing Communication Skills: Hypnotherapy can improve an individual’s ability to express themselves clearly, listen actively, and respond effectively to interview questions.

Hypnotherapy for Interviews is often used as part of a broader integrative treatment plan that may include other therapeutic techniques. Every appointment at the Wisdom Room is tailored to the individual’s specific needs. Hypnotherapy is generally considered a complementary tool and should be used in conjunction with other interview preparation techniques, such as researching the company, practicing common interview questions, and developing a clear and concise personal pitch.


Why Hypnosis for Interviews might be right for you…

However interview worry manifests for you individually, I think everyone would agree it makes for an incredibly unpleasant experience so you have done absolutely the right thing looking for ways to alleviate this problem. Why suffer in silence when there is treatment available like hypnosis for interviews which can really help you feel better?

Here at the Wisdom Room, we take an integrative therapeutic approach using a combination of  Clinical Hypnotherapy, Talking Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)Transformational CoachingGuided Meditation & Mindfulness, and the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help you simultaneously retrain both the conscious and unconscious parts of your mind. As a result, you should be left feeling physically more relaxed, mentally calmer, and altogether more confident about the whole interview process.



"As someone who was open-minded but with a healthy balance of skepticism, I was incredibly impressed by the results of our session..."

Attentive and empathetic, Jane is not only an effective hypnotherapist but also a great listener, instantly putting me at ease whilst discussing my issues in depth and in complete confidence. A combination of techniques were used, some involving trance and others involving more conventional therapy.



Digital Manager, London

Online Hypnotherapy & Online Hypnosis
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Online Hypnotherapy at the Wisdom Room is a convenient alternative to face-to-face sessions which allows you to access treatment from the comfort of your own home, making it simpler and more accessible...

Online therapy can be particularly beneficial for clients who face barriers to accessing traditional in-person therapy, such as those with transport or location issues, individuals with physical disabilities, or high anxiety, or just those with busy schedules!

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"Remote appointments can be just as effective as face-to-face appointments and clients soon say that they forget that we are not in the same room. Just like in-person hypnotherapy, online hypnosis is completely safe and offers the same rewards you’d expect from visiting me in person.

Plus, of course, having a Sofa Session from the comfort of your own couch also means you can save time and travel expenses and it doesn’t matter where in the world you are located. We can still see each other for an appointment..."

Whatever your personal situation. Now that Online Hypnosis is so simple there is no reason why you can’t access the help you need today. All you need is a private space, a good broadband connection, and a comfortable chair and we are good to go!

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Jane is an Integrative Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Transformational Coach. She is based in the Cotswolds and now runs her main practice in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. But she still sees clients in London and via online sessions. So, it doesn't matter where in the world you are based. Jane has clients across the globe! Even Australia!

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Jane holds a Gold Standard Diploma in Integrated Hypnotherapy and a Practitioner's Certificate in NLP and Life Coaching. She is also a registered member of the International Hypnotherapy Association, the General Hypnotherapy Register, and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council. So, you are in safe hands!

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Now that Online Therapy is so simple there is no reason why you can’t access the help you need today. Having a Sofa Session from the comfort of your own couch also means you can save time and travel expenses and it doesn’t matter where you are located. All you need is a private space, a good broadband connection, and a comfortable chair and we are good to go!

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