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Do you suffer from migraines?

Hypnosis for Migraines: A migraine is a debilitating type of headache which unfortunately affects one in seven people in the UK so if you are reading this you are not alone. The World Health Organisation has actually rated migraines amongst the top 20 most disabling lifetime conditions and it costs the UK around £2.25 billion per annum. So it’s not something to be ignored.

Unfortunately, however, around 60% of sufferers never consult their GP because they wrongly believe that nothing can be done to help them. One should always seek help from the medical profession first to rule out the possibility of any underlying medical causes. But there is a wide range of effective treatments now available including Hypnosis for Migraines at the Wisdom Room which can help sufferers identify underlying emotional causes, avoid triggers, and help with stress management.

What are the main symptoms of a migraine? 

If you are a sufferer you will already know that a migraine is more than just a headache though. A migraine attack can last between four and 72 hours and can render the healthiest person inactive. Symptoms vary from person to person, but many people report moderate to severe pain that pulsates and worsens with physical activity.

Other symptoms can include impaired vision and sensitivity to light and noise, nausea, vomiting, pins and needles and weakness or numbness in the limbs. All-in-all, enough unpleasant symptoms to make it very difficult to go about your daily life. Various triggers can produce the onset of a migraine including stress or anxiety, hormonal changes, food reactions, sleep disturbance or an adverse reaction to medication.

Can Hypnosis help with Migraines?

YES! Hypnotherapy can potentially help with migraines by addressing the psychological and relaxation factors associated with migraine triggers and symptom management. Here’s how Hypnosis for Migraines may be beneficial for migraine sufferers:

1. Stress Reduction: Hypnotherapy induces a deep state of relaxation, which can help reduce stress, a common trigger for migraines in many individuals.

2. Pain Management: Hypnosis can assist individuals in managing and reducing the intensity and perception of migraine pain.

3. Identifying Triggers: Hypnotherapy can help individuals identify and manage migraine triggers, such as specific foods, emotions, or stressors.

4. Mind-Body Connection: Hypnosis can address the mind-body connection, helping individuals develop better control over their physical responses to stress and pain, which can be associated with migraines.

5. Altered Perception: Through focused attention and suggestion, the person may experience a subjective change in their perception, feeling as if the body part is anesthetized or numb. This sensation is psychological and not a physiological change in the body

6. Glove Anesthesia: By employing glove anesthesia, individuals can better cope with pain in a localized area, which may be particularly useful for managing discomfort during medical procedures, dental work, or even minor injuries.

7. Visualization Techniques: Hypnotherapy can teach individuals to use visualization and imagery to reduce pain, promote relaxation, and create a calm mental state that can alleviate migraine symptoms.

8. Self-Hypnosis Techniques: Jane can also teach individuals self-hypnosis techniques that they can use to manage migraine symptoms when they occur.

Please note hypnotherapy is generally considered a complementary approach to traditional migraine treatments, such as medications and lifestyle modifications. It should not be used as a replacement for medical evaluation or treatment, especially if migraines are severe, frequent, or accompanied by other concerning symptoms.

Why Hypnosis for Migraines at the Wisdom Room might be right for you?

Hypnotherapy is a natural and safe approach to treating migraines and unlike many prescription medications doesn’t have the side effects. Two hypnotherapy techniques used in treating migraines include hand warming and glove anesthesia. These techniques put migraine sufferers in control of their pain by helping them transfer warmth or numbness to their head where their head hurts.

However migraines affect you, I think everyone would agree it makes for an incredibly unpleasant experience so you have done absolutely the right thing looking for ways to alleviate this problem. Why suffer in silence when there is treatment available like hypnosis for migraines which can really help you feel better?

Here at the Wisdom Room, we take an integrative therapeutic approach using a combination of Clinical HypnotherapyNeuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)Transformational Coaching and the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)  to help you improve your motivation levels by simultaneously retraining both the conscious and unconscious parts of your mind. As a result, you should be able to reduce the pain of migraines and feel physically more relaxed and mentally calmer.



"After my sessions, I always felt very relaxed and now I am on the right path to enjoying my life again...."

I didn’t really know what to expect from Hypnotherapy but was recommended to go by a friend who had tried it and I can definitely say it has far exceeded my expectations! Jane made me feel very comfortable and it was easy talking to her about the issues I needed to sort out.  


Business Woman, London

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Or perhaps, like so many of us, you are just super busy and would prefer to take advantage of an online therapy service!

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Whatever your personal situation. Now that Online Hypnosis is so simple there is no reason why you can’t access the help you need today. Having a Sofa Session from the comfort of your own couch also means you can save time and travel expenses and it doesn’t matter where in the world you are located. We can still see each other for an appointment...

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Now that Online Therapy is so simple there is no reason why you can’t access the help you need today. Having a Sofa Session from the comfort of your own couch also means you can save time and travel expenses and it doesn’t matter where you are located. All you need is a private space, a good broadband connection, and a comfortable chair and we are good to go!

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