The Right to Recover EBOOK


A 25-page e-Book offering gentle guidance to help support someone recovering from abuse or trauma…

“A woman sat in my therapy room lowered her head and said very quietly, with tears rolling down her cheeks, ‘something very wrong has been done to me’. I stayed with her in silence, holding the space, it was her moment of realisation and the beginning of her healing journey.

 After years of pushing the abuse to the back of her mind, and sweeping her hurt under the carpet, the pain had finally broken through the surface. Something very wrong had indeed been done to her, but she had never spoken about it before…”


“Perhaps a useful way to view trauma is like a wound that has not healed. Once the healing is complete, the wound closes and becomes a scar. The facts have not changed, and the scar remains, but the hurt is no longer there to fester and damage…”

When someone you love or care about opens up and shares that they have been abused or experienced serious trauma, it can generate painful emotions and take a heavy toll on the relationship.

You may feel angry and frustrated; be desperate for your relationship to return to how it was before, or even feel like you want to retaliate or seek some form of retribution, on their behalf.  But remember, it’s your patience, understanding, and support that they most need, not more displays of aggression or violence.

While it’s natural to offer reassurance that you are there for them; to remind them that the abuse, or traumatic event, was not their fault, and that they are not culpable in any way. Often beyond this, we feel helpless about the best way to help and support our loved-one through their crisis.

This E-book has been designed to offer some gentle guidance and support for you both.

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