I don’t normally write about astronomical events, I leave that to the astronomers and astrologers but as one well known super market might say. “This is no normal full moon. This is a super moon. In fact, it isn’t just a super moon, it’s the closet super moon (or to give it it’s scientific name a perigee-syzygy) so far in the 21st century, for 69 years no less” and to make it even more poignant it’s in my sigh Taurus. So I think that gives me licence!

Tonight (Monday November 14) the moon is closer to the earth than it has been since 1948 or will be until 2034 which is a moment not to be missed indeed. The moon will appear 14 per cent larger and 30 brighter than normal and the event itself has been described as ‘undeniably beautiful’ by American Space agency Nasa. The heavens will truly be smiling down on us.

In a month that the world has witnessed much ugly behaviour in the political world – it seems fitting that nature itself should remind us of the beauty that exists and unites us all. For can’t we all look up to the same moon and marvel at its incredible beauty and remind ourselves that we are all made of the same stuff of stars?

As the moon effects the oceans and the tides which are connected with our emotions, we are told that it’s likely that our emotions may feel more heightened and powerful which again is no bad thing for maybe in the harsh bombardment of news of late we have all detached a little from our innermost feelings and got wrapped up in the machinations of our external persona.

In astrological terms, our outside face – the one we present to the world is normally connected to the sun but, of course, it’s no coincidence that our inner sanctuary or the truth of who we really our is connected to the moon.

It’s important in these times that we shoudn’t hide away from our deeper feelings, or try and sweep them under the carpet of life. We need to be brave, harness our inner courage and bring them into the light and look at them (particularly those shadow parts of ourselves that we might be adept at keeping well hidden). And since this week offers a particularly powerful and bright light it seems the perfect opportunity to tune into our wise old internal guidance system and do just that.

This is a good time to allow yourself to address those innermost issues that might have been weighing you down, without judgment and see them for what they really are – free from fear or reprimand because ‘everything exposed to the light becomes visible and everything illuminated becomes light’.

Ask yourself – What has served it’s purpose? What is no longer working in my life? What is that dream that I haven’t been paying attention to? What do I need to focus more of my attention on and what do I need to let go of? It might even be a nice idea to write down all the blessings and lessons that the year has brought so far and observe what feelings or thoughts you might like to shed in your life right now.

Taking our guide again from nature just as the trees are shedding their beautiful leaves now it might be the time to let go of anything that is no longer serving you. Allow yourself the time now to start the process and to honour your inner feelings.

At 11.32am UK time today the gap between the earth and the moon will close to its shortest point known as the ‘perigee’ but we will have to wait until 5pm this evening and hope for a clear night to see the moon do its thing. Happy sky watching all!