Let’s be clear straight from the off here. Wherever you are in life, I need you to understand that you are exactly where you need to be right now. 

I appreciate that may seem hard to accept, especially, if you are going through a hard time right now. But please trust this and take comfort in it. Everything is playing out perfectly, even if it doesn’t necessarily feel like that just now. 

This is the first step to release the fear.

Too often we give ourselves a really hard time thinking we should have done more, become more, earnt more, or achieved more and we set ourselves really, tough, self-imposed, life deadlines and then beat ourselves up if we don’t reach them. Well, let me share an important home truth with you. Please don’t!

I’m not saying don’t have goals or aspirations but constantly beating ourselves up for not fulfilling them can drag down even the most optimistic spirit. Often universal timelines and soul core values are very different to material goals or our own self-imposed deadlines and we are wise to remember this.

If we only mark success in terms of financial achievement, material wealth, box ticking, or comparing our lot with the Jones’, we are missing the point of our very essence. We are transient beings – down here to experience a state of ‘being-ness’ not just ‘having-ness’.

When it comes to defining success, too many people measure how successful they are by how much money they make or the influential people that they associate with but perhaps it would be wiser  to measure success by how happy we are or how many loving people we have in our lives?

Perhaps you’re not exactly where you imagined you’d like to be right now. Perhaps you’re not fulfilled or perhaps you are even having a pretty miserable time. Either way, whatever your current circumstance, please simply trust that this is OK. I know it doesn’t always feel like you’re exactly where you need to be, but trust me, you are.

It’s important to remember that not every moment in our lives will be blissfully happy or easy. There will be some tough times and some scary times. But one thing we can be sure about. Nothing lasts for ever. Every moment ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is transient and sacred. As one of my favourite quotes reminds us: –

“Never regret a day in your life: good days give happiness, bad days give experience, worst days give lessons, and best days give memories.”

It’s easy to think when we’re achieving our goals and things are going well and we seem to be in the flow that only then are we exactly where we need to be. Only then are we succeeding. But let’s just stop and ponder for a moment about how we got there. Before we landed that dream job, before we met our partner, or bought the new house – or whatever that thing is. Was it all plain sailing? I’m guessing not.

Life will always be a smorgasbord of ups and downs, trials and challenges, highs and lows and of course if we didn’t have this variation, we would never be able to truly savour the difference or enjoy the ride.

Imagine hiking up a mountain trail. Some parts of the trail might be easy and enjoyable, some parts might be rocky and difficult, and some parts might be outright dangerous. But we know that the trials and the tribulations that we face on that mountain path will make reaching the summit so much more rewarding.

To reach those heady peaks or great moments in life, we often have to spend a fair amount of time navigating those rocky roads first and that’s OK. That’s part of life. These tough times can teach us some valuable lessons and if we never experienced the lows, we could never experience the highs.

Who knows we might learn the art of patience, strength, determination, resilience or something else equally important along the way?

Remember. If your wise power value is ‘courage’, the universe might have to send something along for you to be brave about. If your power value  is ‘calm’ perhaps you will have to experience a period of unrest on your journey to truly understand peace, or if your main power value  is ‘wisdom’, like me, maybe you may have to navigate some bumps along the road to demonstrate what a wise person you really are!

That’s OK. It doesn’t mean that you are failing if things are hard. If things may not be going the way you had planned, or you are not currently enjoying the journey. It could just mean you are experiencing a few valuable life lessons. Or as I like to call them ‘Wise Recalls’ because you already actually know all of this stuff, of course. We aren’t really learning anything. We are just remembering what our wise selves already know!

In this respect, we can allow ourselves to let go of the ‘whys’ and trust that there could be a bigger plan afoot. Even if we don’t quite understand what that reason is and can’t see the bigger picture just yet. Of course, this can be easier said that done. Often the desire to understand why something has happened in the first place feels overwhelming. But it’s almost always a want, not a need and it doesn’t change the fact that you are where you are.

Sometimes we just need to surrender this need to know and have faith that everything is playing out just as it should, even if it seems to be going against all our well-intended plans.

Believing that there is a reason why you are where you are, right now, can allow you to release any fear and move forwards. Sometimes we just need to be where we are and be as ok with it as we can, knowing that like every other transient, temporary moment in our lives – this too shall pass.

Of course, just because you are where you need to be right now doesn’t mean you should stay there, especially if it’s not a place you wish to be. Keep moving forward. Even the highest mountain can be scaled one tiny step at a time. That’s how I set up the Wisdom Room — one step at a time and it only took a few years of not being where I quite wanted to be but being exactly where I needed to be all along, until I got there!



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